Andy Kriebel

Andy, a five-time Tableau Zen Master, stumbled upon Tableau in 2007 when he was desperate for help to quickly create dashboards using SSAS cubes. Since then, it’s been Andy’s personal mission to help as many people as possible “see and understand” their data with Tableau, which is the focus of his role as Head Coach at The Information Lab’s Data School. Data is knowledge, but Andy believes that seeing data is insight.

In August 2009 he launched, which provides examples of data visualization best practices, methods for improving existing work, and tips and tricks with Tableau Software. He writes two weekly series: Makeover Monday and Tableau Tip Tuesday. He also writes, a site created to highlight data visualisation best practices.

Sizing up the Data School | A fun afternoon of vizzing

This morning on my walk to the Data School, I had an idea. I’ve been wanting to do an IronViz-style competition in the Data School and had it on the diary for this afternoon, but I didn’t have a data set picked out yet. Then I got to thinking…Bethany... read more

EXASOL at the Data School

This is a guest post by Eva Murray, Tableau Evangelist at EXASOL. Finding talent in the BI market is not an easy task, as many organizations in the industry can confirm. This is especially true if you’re looking for consultants who combine their technical skills... read more

Who’s Who in DS4?

The next cohort of the Data School (a.k.a. DS4) starts in just under two weeks. Previously I wrote about the amazing visualisations they created for their final interviews, but today I want to highlight their Tableau Public profiles so that you can follow them even... read more

What did it take to get into DS4?

Our next cohort of The Data School begins their training in early October. I thought I’d share a bit of insight into their final interviews. First, let me explain how the interview process works. It’s a two-part interview, with one candidate in each of the two... read more

Now Accepting Applications for Cohort 4 of The Data School

It’s that time again. We’re starting the search for the next set of data junkies to join us at the Data School. The current team will be completing their training at the end of August, so we’ve begun the search for the best, most enthusiastic talent... read more

The Data School Meet & Greet

Last night we hosted our first ever “Meet & Greet” at the Data School. We opened our doors to give prospective Data Analysts the opportunity to share a drink, see how we work, meet the coaches and, most importantly, to gain insight into the type of... read more

The Data School Takes on Brexit

To say I was stunned when I woke up Friday morning to learn that the people of the UK wanted to leave the EU would be a massive understatement. So many questions went through my head. How would this impact me and my family? How would this impact the Data School?... read more

An Interview with Ben Moss

After working in both the Healthcare and Sports industries, Ben Moss, of our second Data School class (DS2) saw an opportunity to grow his data visualisation skills. Sharing his experience, we sat down with Ben to talk fellow students, Data School coaches,... read more

An Interview with Alexandra Hanna

In another addition of our “an interview with…” series, we spoke to one the original Data School cohort, Alexandra (Sasha) Hanna. Taking it back to where it all began, Sasha talks us through how she got into applying for the Data School, working closely with her peers... read more

An Interview with Simona Loffredo

Simona, a recent DS2 graduate, took time out from her busy schedule to talk all things Data: the importance of writing blogs, and why if you’re thinking of applying to the Information Lab’s Data School, you should do your research. After a number of years in her... read more

An Interview with Pablo Saenz de Tejada

Continuing on with our An interview with series, today we’re speaking to Pablo Saenz de Tejada from the DS1 cohort. Pablo, provided us with some great insights on his time at The Data School – the Tableau Conference in London, the breadth of the Tableau and Alteryx... read more

An Interview with Nicco Cirone

With The Data School set to welcome DS3 students in a few weeks’ time, we wanted to share the thoughts of past students for an insight into what life is like at The Data School. We chatted to Niccolo Cirone about his time at The DS; what he’s taken away from his... read more

What did it take to get into Cohort 3 of The Data School?

Our next cohort of The Data School begins their four months of training in just two weeks, on May 9th to be exact. I thought I’d share a bit of insight into their final interviews. First, let me explain how the interview process works. It’s a two-part... read more

An Interview with Lorna Eden

We’re continuing our “An interview with…” series today, where we speak to members new and old from The Data School to understand what a career in Data Analytics looks like. In today’s installment, we speak to Lorna Eden of The Data School’s 2nd cohort (DS2) about her... read more

An Interview with Rob Suddaby

Continuing our series: life at The Data School, we get the inside scoop from those who know it best. In part two of our interview collection we speak to Rob Suddaby. With fifteen years in corporate finance, Rob had a great deal of experience with numbers, but was in... read more