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How to do a waffle chart in Tableau?

Last Monday we did a #MakeoverMonday session at Data School, thanks to which I have finally submitted my viz. It is usually quite challenging for me to come up with an original idea for a makeover with all those amazing vizes popping up in the Twitter feed at the same...

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Data School Week 4

Week 4 - Alteryx Week Week 4 was intense; we were busy learning about predictive analytics and spatial analytics in Alteryx, AND we had or first client project this week. Predictive Analysis DS2 graduate Benedetta came in on Tuesday and taught us a day long class on...

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Tableau server: Q&A for begginers

#ThisWeek is the server week at DS5 together with Jonathan McDonald. During the first two days, we played with different options for installations and worked on organising the assets according to best practices.   What is a server? It's a computer that provides...

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Can you own a project on Tableau Server?

Tableau Server week started today for DS5 with Jonathan MacDonald being in charge of our training. The first day was packed with loads of information about Tableau Server front-end, including thorough discussions about publishing options, connection types,...

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Tips for a better design

#Thisweek we have a blog-post-every-day week at DS5 so If you follow this blog, book some extra time for reading all 40 pieces 😊 I will keep my first one short and sweet for you. To create an appealing data viz there are quite a few things to consider like the aim,...

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The Murky World of UK Geography

Having worked in the Public Sector for a very, very, very long time understanding the various geographies of your local area becomes very important. The Public Sector is obsessed with carving up the area they serve into as many different geographies as possibly. This...

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Data School Week 3

Week 3 Week 3 of Data School was another Tableau training week. We were lucky enough to have the guest speaker, Caroline Beavon, come in and teach us a day long class on Infographics. Making a great infographic uses a lot of the same design principles as making a...

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Data School Week 2

Week 2 Week 2 at Data School I got my first taste of Alteryx, an incredibly powerful data preparation tool. It's truly amazing how much you can do with the software; there are so many tools to choose from! Project Our main focus this week was learning how to download...

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