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Alteryx Week Recap: The world is your oyster

Hello, everyone! The weekend is finally here in cloudy London after what has truly been an intense week at the Data School. After spending the first two weeks on Tableau and devoting all of our attention to visual analytics and design, switching to Alteryx and delving...

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Spatial Analytics on Alteryx

Alteryx uses the spatial object which can be used for spatial analytics. It does this by generating geo points using longitude and latitude from the data set. These points can be combined to make a polyline and polygons. This data can be used to get insight into how...

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Throwback Thursday: “The Grid”

In the first week of The Data School I heard of a great tip that I believe deserves a post of its own. Caroline Beavon showed us a great trick to help crystallise our ideas and pick the best one before we start working on our viz. Essentially, it's a blank piece of...

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BASIC tools to get you started in Alteryx

So you have decided to plunge in the deep end and decide to learn Alteryx. Yes, I do agree the interface looks rather intimidating and it seems like there are endless features. This blog post will help you to just get familiar with some of the basic tool to get you...

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