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Dashboard Week Day 4

Dashboard Week Day 4 -Andy's Runkeeper Data Final day! The end is in sight. Even more exciting than that, today's topic isn't equine deaths! Breaking with the trend of morbid topics, today we are looking at Andy's marathon training. For those of you that don't know,...

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Dashboard Week Day 4 or Visualising the runs

The final day of dashboard week was very different as we didn't need to do any data prep in Alteryx. Coach Andy conveniently provided us with the .tde file containing the Runkeeper data with his last 286 runs along with the dashboard requirements. Although I was...

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How to Batch your Macro

For any repeatable and/or tedious task in Alteryx you probably require a macro. Further, if you want to run that task for a list of different inputs and set controls on how it deals with those inputs then it may be prudent to turn that macro into a Batch Macro. Read how to batch it here.

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