Data Visualisation for Noobs (like me) - Tidying up your Alteryx Workflow to Optimise Viewing

by Amanda Patist

Data Visualisation for Noobs (like me)

Alteryx – Tidying up your Workflow to Optimise Viewing

Alteryx workflows can be overwhelming. Here are three tips on how to clear up your workspace and to de-clutter when doing demos or just for your peace of mind!

  1. Use the pin to hide your workflow configuration. Clicking on a tool and then on the configuration window bar, will bring up the window again and clicking on the canvas will make the configuration shrink back into the side. Re-clicking the pin removes this function.
  2. Ctrl+Alt+T: hides (and shows) your toolbar, so you can maximise your workflow space.
  3. Ctrl+Alt+O: hides (and shows)  your output.

before and after

Bonus tip: Ctrl+Alt+V : shows (and hides) an overview of your workflow, especially handy with large workflows.

Hope that helps!

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