Using Parameter Actions to Dynamically Update the ‘Relative to’ section of a Table Calculation

In one of my previous post,s I wrote about Dynamically Update the ‘Relative to’ section of a Table Calculation, using a parameter.
Now with the release of Tableau 2019.2, and the introduction of Parameter actions, it is possible to dynamically select a member of a dimension as the ‘Relative to’ part of a Table Calculation.
In this blog post, I will explain how to achieve this result.

Reflections on my DataDive experience

Last weekend I’ve participated in an event taking place at the data school, called DataDive.
The event was organised by DataKind, a non-profit organisation which aims to help other charities using data.
To do so they recruit volunteers which participate in a Hackathon style event, where they clean, analyse and visualise data.

Dashboard Week – Day 3 Flourish

Before joining the DS I remember reading Dashboard Weeks posts in the blog, and often I came across articles about challenges using another visualisation tool than Tableau. The last articles I remember were based on PowerBI, so I was expecting that one of our Dashboard week day would be based on this software….