Data Preparation… for Dummies

Last Friday DS13 was assigned a project. In the time span of 2 hours (which became 4 afterwards), we had to re-create our application viz. It was also required to find a new dataset, preparing it with Alteryx or Tableau Prep, and adding it to the original Viz. In this post, I would like to describe how I used to clean up the data before joining DS and how this process can be streamlined using a tool such as Alteryx or Tableau Prep.

Data Visualisation… using crayons?

At the beginning of this week, Andy informed us that an upcoming session was composed of over 200 slides. Due to this all I was expecting was a long theoretical session, instead, Andy gave us some crayons and large paper canvasses.

My application Viz: Pokémon, a guide to beginners.

The first Viz I’ve published on Tableau Public, Pokémon: A Guide to Beginners, was a great, and unexpected, success.
In this post, I would like to describe the first step of the Data School application process, focusing on the techniques I have used to build such a successful Viz, which guaranteed me the access to the next stage of the process.