Dashboard Week Day 2: The Avengers

At the end of my latest blog post, Dashboard Week Day 1: NHS Trusts, I wished that our next challenge for Dashboard week would be more concentrated on design.
It seems like my wish came true, since Andy for today task, asked us to create an infographic dashboard using data on The Avengers comic books series.

Dashboard Week Day 1: NHS Trusts

For the first day of our Dashboard week, Andy challenged us to gather and analyse data on the spend over £25K at NHS Trusts.
The data was scattered over 391 different URLs, each containing multiple files (often in different formats)

Dashboard Project Week 8, Web Scraping & APIs

Last week we had another break from usual client projects. Instead, the main topic for all the week has been web scraping and APIs. These topics were taught to us by Andre.
This, of course, was a big hint on what to expect for the Friday project presentation session. In fact, last week, my fellow DSers and I have been given the task to produce a visualisation based on data obtained by either web scraping a site or API calls.