Dashboard Week Day 1: NHS Trusts

For the first day of our Dashboard week, Andy challenged us to gather and analyse data on the spend over £25K at NHS Trusts.
The data was scattered over 391 different URLs, each containing multiple files (often in different formats)

Dashboard Project Week 8, Web Scraping & APIs

Last week we had another break from usual client projects. Instead, the main topic for all the week has been web scraping and APIs. These topics were taught to us by Andre.
This, of course, was a big hint on what to expect for the Friday project presentation session. In fact, last week, my fellow DSers and I have been given the task to produce a visualisation based on data obtained by either web scraping a site or API calls.

Dashboard Project Week 7, Analysing Strava Account

Last week DS 13 has got a break from client project, so our Friday activity consisted of a dashboard project, as it has been during the first month of Data School.
The project consisted of analysing the data that Andy
downloaded from its Strava Account. Over 1400 sports activities during a 7
years time-span.

Alteryx Tip: Merge 2 Shape Files

During one of our client projects, we were given a challenge, which consisted of merging 2 different shapefiles, in order to visualise them in Tableau. These files corresponded to the same area, one containing the other (e.g Counties within Regions). In this blog post, I will describe this process, using Italian Regions and Provinces (sub-areas of Regions).