Passing the Alteryx Core Certification – Prep and Tips

Last week, I sat the Alteryx Designer Core Certification and finally passed after many attempts. I received a lot of messages from others on how they should prepare and how to start their Alteryx learning journey. This blog post should answer just that and guide you through some things I learned to do and not to do along the way whilst providing many links to resources that helped me.

Tableau Conference-ish : Interactive CV

I tuned into the session on how to make your own interactive resume on day 2 of Tableau Conference and then decided to use the resources provided and make my own. This was presented by Melody Cheung who is an Academic Programs Coordinator at Tableau. Follow along my process through this blog.

NEW: Tableau Conference-ish Map Layers

A detailed breakdown of the session. In case you missed it, one of the anticipated releases to come that was announced at TCish was map layers! If you’re anything like me, at the moment I rely on Mapbox with anything map related and then go into Tableau. Here’s everything we learned about map layers that we all have to look forward to.

Mastering the Multi-Field

The multi field tool makes it easy to carry out a function on various fields. I put it to the test with a weekly challenge and although a very basic use, it was still very useful in understanding its functionality.