How to create a Sankey chart.

While Sankey charts may seem daunting at first, they’re a great way to show a change of flow between more than one category or condition. For this example we’re looking at how the sum of sales changes between Regions and Categories in the Tableau Superstore data.

Spark interest with a sparkline.

Sparklines are a tiny chart, usually drawn without axes, that enables you to quickly compare trends over given values. I’ve found they’re a great way to compare trends in values over time. You might use a sparkline to compare seasonal increases or decreases, stock market values or to highlight the maximum (or minimum) values.

Filter order of operations for Tableau.

During the DS20s first ‘Tableau Fundamentals’ lesson today, we were introduced to the idea of having multiple filters in one sheet. The questions on everyone’s mind: “What order will the filters happen in?” and “Can we change which order the filters happen in?”. The answer to these questions lies in the Order of Operations.