8 pieces of advice from my Data School training

On Friday (two days ago), I graduated from The Data School’s intense four month training program. It’s been a challenging, wonderful, and hair-pulling experience from the first day until the last few hours. I wanted to leave a few reflections for those who come after me while it’s all still fresh in my mind.

Unlimited POWER (BI): Dashboard Week Day 5

On the fifth day of dashboard week, my viz coach gave to me, a Power BI break from sanity. While for the most part The Information Lab sticks to Tableau and Alteryx as its ETL and Visualization softwares of choice, there comes a time when every Data Schooler must...

Going Back to Cali: Dashboard Week Day 4

Curveball! Today, Andy asked us to download and use Tableau 8.3 for our dashboard-building. This version of Tableau, released in 2015, has much of the functionality we have come to know and love in The Data School, but there were a couple potholes to discover as well....

Losing My Census: Dashboard Week Day 3

The U.S. Census has a lot of data to analyze, but they’re not going to make it easy for you. Check out how Dashboard Day 3 was a day of diminishing expectations punctuated by a beam of success at the end.