Tutorials from the forum #1: Sheet swap using images

As I have recently started my journey in the Tableau community forums, I have come across different questions. One of them has repeated a few times and I thought I would make a blogpost using the tutorials I’ve already wrote on the forums, so more people can find them. How to swap sheets using images?

Diego’s journal (DS12) – Week Five

This week we finally experienced one of the things we had been looking forward the most, the client project. With the launch of our first client project. we finally got the chance to apply the things we have been learning into a real-case scenario.

How to build a linear trendline for calculations

One of the analytical features that Tableau offers is the capability to build a trendline with just a couple of clicks. However, trendlines in Tableau do have some limitations, among them is that you can’t use them within your calculations. This becomes especially troublesome if, for example, you want to calculate the distance to the trendline or do any other calculation that interacts with the trendline.

Diego’s journal (DS12) – Week Four

The week went very fast and it felt a bit like those small recap episodes between the seasons of a TV program. However, it was still challenging as we were introduced to Tableau Intermediate and very important concepts such as LODs, Table Calcs and Order of Operations.

Dynamically Controlled Bins

When we work with data, our continuous data (such as sales or profit) it is usually grouped under some categorical field. Normally these fields would be our discrete variables in the data set, such as “Country” or “Category”. Nevertheless, sometimes we would like to group our data under numerical ranges, this is when we would create a bin based in a numeric dimension.