Dashboard Week #5 United States Interstate Traffic

Today was our last day of #Dashboardweek, what a week has been! The data was about United States Interstate Traffic. Because Friday is presentation day at the DS, we only had until one to prepare the data and create a visualisation. This time the data was already...

Dashboard Week #3 PowerBI and New Orleans 311

Today was our third day of #Dashboardweek and as DS11 did last time, we had to use PowerBI. The data came from the New Orleans .gov site and it was about 3-1-1 calls. This number is a non-emergency phone number that people can call in many cities to find information about services, make complaints, or report problems like graffiti or road damage. Hence, the data was about different incidents, their nature and location.

Dashboard Week #2 London Marathon

Today was our second day of #Dashboardweek and the task this time was to look at the historic results of the London Marathon website. Because the results span all the way from 1981, Andy limited our search to only those entries that start with the first two letter of my surname -PA.

Dashboard Week #1 Star Wars API (SWAPI)

Today was our first day of #Dashboardweek and the task set by Andy consisted on using the Star Wars API (SWAPI). As there were only six of us today and six different topics in the API, each of us had to choose one. I have the habit of letting everyone choose before me and therefore I was left with “Vehicles”