Spray Charts in Tableau

Spray charts are great for visualising change or movement in two dimensions. As an example, the cricket wagon wheel is a classic spray chart. Every shot starts at the batsman’s crease and finishes where the ball was fielded.     For a graph with multiple lines...

Preparing Spatial Data for Tableau

In my last post I talked about about spatial data in Alteryx and leveraging Alteryx to do spatial analytics. Now if we want to visualise spatial information in Tableau we need to re-organise our data to make it suitable for importing. Tableau doesn’t have...

Spatial Data in Alteryx

At their core, all spatial data types are a set of points with different properties attached. Points are as you’d guess, sets of one, they are the building blocks of spatial data. They are self contained geolocational points with

Seeing Tables and Building Workflows

A technique I use when working out my steps in a workflow is to ‘see’ my tables in front of me and pretend I’m in Minority Report gesturing how I want to pivot, filter, split and join them. This may look a bit silly to colleagues if you over-exaggerate it but each gesture you make will generally correspond to one action in Alteryx.