One-year-on Part III: US Population Change

Last week I wrote about my ideas on redesigning my second ever viz on the cost of beer at MLB games. Here I talk through what I came up with and my ideas for my third reviz on US Population Predictions.

Reflections on The Data School

So today is our penultimate day at The Data School and we’ve been asked to reflect on our time in training. In this blog I look back at my first blog, ‘Expectations of The Data School’, and write about what I didn’t expect.

One-year-on Part II: Cost of Beer at MLB Grounds

So I finally got round to redesigning my first ever viz on Tableau Public using Makeover Monday’s dataset on Women in the House of Representatives. In this blog, I recap my reviz and move on to my second ever viz – Cost of Beer at MLB Grounds.

One-year-on Part I: Women in the House of Representatives

Two weeks ago marked one year since I posted my first Viz to Tableau Public. Looking back over my old work, I always think ‘this could have been more insightful’; ‘this could have used something I’ve learnt since’ or ‘what was I even thinking?!’. So, I decided to reviz my old work ‘one-year-on’.

Layout Containers – how to get your Item Hierarchy under control

When building complex dashboards in Tableau, it is often not possible to drop sheets exactly where you want them.

Tableau’s Layout Containers allow you to solve these issues and build clean dashboards. Unfortunately, they are not always the most intuitive, and I am probably not the only person who has simply dragged worksheets onto a dashboard until they look ‘about right’.

In this blog, I answer what is a layout container? What is the difference between horizontal and vertical containers? And how can Layout Containers be used when dashboarding?