Dashboard Week #2: Web Scraping the Rules of Parliament

Today’s challenge was based on Rules of Parliament and involved getting data from ParlRulesData.org. The only problem was, we weren’t allowed to download any data. Instead, all the information we needed had to be scraped from the website directly. Getting...

Dashboard Week #1: Survey Data

This week is the infamous Dashboard Week for DS16. Every day this week we will be given data at the start of the data. The challenge is to carry out any manipulation required in Alteryx, find a story and build a dashboard in Tableau which has to be published to...

Include a row outside of your Top N when mark is selected on a different sheet

Due to limited space on dashboards, charts with many marks are often cut down to a view which shows the Top 10 or 20 marks. Sometimes we might want to investigate a mark outside of the Top N and see this included on our view. This blog outlines how to build this functionality for both bar charts and sparklines with a use case from Makeover Monday.

Drilldown into data (with formatting and tooltip tricks)

Often on a dashboard in Tableau there is not enough space to display all the levels of detail in your dataset. Set Action drilldowns allow the user to see a lower level of granularity before investigating the underlying data. This blog outlines how to build a bar chart drilldown. I then explain how to build different variations on design including how to show the maximum data point in the underlying data; drilldown arrow headers and vertical titles for the selected header.

Chained Analytical Apps

Chained Analytical Apps are composed of multiple apps that run sequentially allowing a more intuitive user experience. They work by using the output from an initial app as the input for a secondary app and so on. In this blog, I outline a use case for Chained Analytical Apps and how to build them.