The Final Countdown (Dashboard Week Day 5)

Today our challenge issued by Andy via his blog was as follows: MetrocosmĀ is a great resource for interesting data sets. For their final day of Dashboard Week, DS12 will need to visualize one month of hourly traffic counts at stations across the U.S. There are two...

Dashboard Week Day 4

It’s day 4 of dashboard week and Andy set us the challenge of attaining data from the United States Drought Monitor API and analysing the results.

Dashboard Week Day 3

Today our instructions from Andy were as follows (these are copied verbatim from the original blog post) : The data come from the City of New Orleans Open Data Portal (here). They MUST use the API to get the data. They need to get all data for all years. This should...

Dashboard Week Day 2

It’s day two of dashboard week for DS12 here at TIL. If you don’t know what dashboard week is then allow me to explain, dashboard week is a week long period during which each cohort member must produce one dashboard and an accompanying blog post daily....

Dashboard Week Day 1

The week that is famous for bringing out the best (It’s not uncommon for a DSer to achieve Viz of the Day during dashboard week) and worst (Nick DS10 we’re looking at you) in people at TIL, has arrived.