Dashboard Week Day 5: Kitsch-o-rama with Meteors

Last day of dashboard week! Continuing on with the space theme established earlier in the week for me, today’s dataset was a subset of NASA’s meteorite fall data.There were no preparation in Alteryx needed for the core requirements (as Tableau does pretty well with simple JSON file) though some people did go down that route. First however, a gif which I took out of my original dashboard, which because it’s Friday I’ve taken the liberty of putting in a very questionable font and colours.

Dashboard Week Day 4: Building a Company in 4 Hours…

Today we had a slightly shorter amount of time to complete out dashboards due to a really interesting visit from James Eiloart, Tableau SVP for EMEA. He spoke to us about the history of Tableau and where he sees the software platform in the current marketplace, which we were really pleased to come to terms with again in 2018.3, but first had to overcome an Alteryx wall of building a whole analytic app in 4 hours.

Dashboard Week 3: Traffic Patterns in Yorkshire and the Humber

Today’s task was extracting Traffic Data for areas of the UK and chucking it throw a ye olde analysis in Tableau 8 (by Friday we’re hoping to be on pasta shapes, glitter and crayon). I had the region of Yorkshire and the Humber, and decided to do an analysis of the % change in traffic volumes over the life of the dataset (since 2000), with a subsection on cycling.