Here I thought I’d collate all the blogs I’ve written over the past 4 months into one place – mainly so that I can find them more easily later. Think of it as a catalogue of blogs or a #Catablog. School’s In – my background and first...

The End of DS8 – Reflective Blog

I thought I’d reflect on the months I’ve shared with the other inhabitants of the DS. After each client project we did a ‘start/stop/continue’ where we went through what we should have done, what we should not have done and what we should continue to do. I’m going to structure this blog in a similar way looking at what I’ve done/liked and what I should have done more.

Filtering Table Calculations

Today we spent a bit of time talking about filtering table calculations. This is obviously a pretty useful thing to want to do, but doesn’t immediately work. In this blog, I’ll show you an example of filtering table calculations, give you the preamble explaining why it’s slightly tricky, and then give you a solution.

Just The Tips 6 – Stacked Labels

It’s been a while since the last JTT, so I thought I’d get back in the groove of things by showing a quick and easy way to show total labels as well as composite labels on your stacked bar charts. No LODS or dual axes needed!

Multi Row Formula in Tableau

This week was Teaching Week in DS8, and Jevon took it upon himself to educate us in the ways of Data Densification. He had a cool exercise looking at ways of counting how many lightbulbs were on at one moment, but I’ll leave him to explain that. As part of his exercise he wrote a calculated field which ‘filled in’ rows a lot like the Multi Row Formula tool can do in Alteryx. We immediately got to put  this calculation into practice helping someone out on our CoE. They wanted to be able to count how many tickets were open any given month. In this blog I’ll walk through how I went about solving this problem.