Andy, a member of the Tableau Zen Master Hall of Fame, started using Tableau in 2007 when he was desperate for help to quickly create dashboards using SSAS cubes. Since then, it’s been Andy’s personal mission to help as many people as possible “see and understand” their data with Tableau, which is the focus of his role as Head Coach at The Information Lab’s Data School. Data is knowledge, but Andy believes that seeing data is insight.

In August 2009 he launched, which provides examples of data visualization best practices, methods for improving existing work, and tips and tricks with Tableau Software. He writes two weekly series: Makeover Monday and Tableau Tip Tuesday. Andy also founded the weekly Tableau Community project  Workout Wednesday. He also writes on along with Coach Carl, a site created to highlight data visualisation best practices.

Dashboard Week Day 1: Water stations around the world

What better way is there to welcome DS17 back from the holidays than Dashboard Week? Over the last few cohorts, I’ve gone from extremely difficult (especially with data prep), to fairly simple data sets that help them focus more on the aesthetics and analysis. This...

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Air Quality in Madrid

At the end of week 2 for each new cohort, we pair them up with a member of the "older" cohort in training at the same time. So this week, each person in DS18 is paired up with someone from DS17. I randomly assigned them by having them pair up alphabetically in each...

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