Gregory Rimmer

Gregory Rimmer

Gregory Rimmer

It was over the course of a two year stint working as a management consultant that Gregg decided to embark on a career in data analysis. Realising that the favourite part of his week was building models in Excel, he began to gravitate towards more of that type of work. He enjoyed solving this type of problem, even as he came to discover how these issues could be resolved in a few clicks with the right software and teaching.

Coming out of university with a degree in History closed off many roles in this space, which is why he was attracted to the Data School’s openness to people from wildly different backgrounds. In contrast to every other application experience he had encountered, it was the Data School’s process that convinced him that this would be a perfect move. He loved delving into the example dataset, picking it apart and researching the topic to try to understand and explain interesting patterns.

Outside of work, Gregg is a keen runner (when he isn’t injured!) and a recovering video game addict. Eating to live and living to eat, he has a particular fondness for cheese, which may also be a hangover from his childhood days in France.

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