Harriet Owen

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Harriet has always tried to pursue what she enjoys most. Growing up she dedicated her spare time to dance whilst having a huge interest in applied human biology. Collectively, this led her to obtain a degree in Sport and Exercise Science at The University of Bath. However, when she landed herself an internship during her placement year with a data insights and consultancy company, her career aspirations took a turn. The company introduced Harriet to Tableau and the skills needed to collect and analyse sports nutrition data to find insights and build reports. She was amazed at how Tableau could produce such effective visuals and stories with such ease. Having found her new passion, her one goal post university was to begin a career within data consultancy with the hope that in the future, she too can support the way companies develop insight and bring data to life.

Harriet is very health-orientated and in her spare time she likes exploring new vegetarian dishes to cook and doing anything active. Recent sports she has participated in include gymnastics, boxing and running.

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