Harry Cooney

Harry Cooney

Harry Cooney

Harry first came across data analysis in his Psychology degree. He quickly realised that this was actually the part of the course he was enjoying most. A weeks work experience in data analytics confirmed it was the industry that would be most enjoyable and fulfilling to him. To develop his skills in data analysis he completed an online data science course and discovered Tableau. The speed and creativity it allowed further cemented his desire to work with data. He immediately started collecting and visualizing data on topics that interest him, and listening to podcasts related to data analytics. It was through one of these podcasts that he heard about the Data School and knew it was ideal. He is looking forward to learning how to use Tableau and Alteryx to solve business problems.

Outside of data Harry enjoys travel, football (watching and playing) and socialising.

Tableau: How to Swap Sheets in a Dashboard

To swap sheets in a dashboard parameters must be used. First make the sheets that need to be swapped, I’ve made a scatter plot and a map. Then create a parameter, I’ve named mine “View Map or Scatter.” The data type should be a string and the allowable values should...

How To Make A Calendar In Tableau

During Head Coach Andy Kriebel's Tableau Zen Master Tips & Tricks - Chart Edition webinar he showed it was possible to make a calendar in Tableau. Today he showed is how to do it again and I will explain how/give some example uses here. To make the calendar first...

Splitting Alternating Rows into Separate Columns in Alteryx

Us data school 11 students were given the task of sorting out messy excel based datasets in our first attempt at using Alteryx. Louise and I were given an IMDb dataset which had a column of rows alternating between the film title (and date) followed by the IMDb...