Nick Jastrzebski

Nick Jastrzebski

Nick Jastrzebski

Nick graduated from the University of Manchester with a Masters in Geology with Planetary Science. Since then, he has worked as an environmental risk modeller for an agrochemical regulation consultancy. His lifelong passion for working with and understanding data led him inexorably to the Data School.

Nick’s enthusiasm for science from an early age guided his path through life. He found enjoyment in deciphering the meaning and story behind various types of data during his education and career, so upon discovering Tableau and the Data School, Nick knew this was the perfect fit for him.

Outside science and data, he’s an avid gamer (both board and video) and plays the guitar. He also enjoys staying active by swimming.

One Thing Ends, Another Begins

I can’t quite believe how fast these past four months have gone. It’s quite a strange feeling knowing that in only a few days we’ll all be heading out to our first placements rather than gathering in the DS for another day. It’s be quite an exhausting few months, but...

Dashboard Week Part 4 – COORDinating an API-App

The challenge for day 4 (after a great talk from James Eiloart, Senior VP of Tableau in Europe, Middle-East and Africa) - build an analytic app in Alteryx to pull data from the COORD bike share API.   The idea is to allow the user to select a city of interest,...

Rounding Numbers in Tableau

Rounding numbers in Tableau is a strange one. If you want to round a decimal to a certain number of places, it’s quite straightforward. However, if you want to round to the nearest ten, or nearest hundred, the syntax gets a bit confusing. Here’s my attempt at making it more understandable.

The Dark Arts of Alteryx Reporting Tools

It was Friday morning. We had each been given a different web scraping project to work on. Little did I know that by the end of the day I would have become familar with Alteryx’s reporting tools. Here’s how I ended up there.

Marrying Data – How to Union Data in Tableau

Sometimes data is just meant to be together. When you’ve got identically formatted data spread across multiple sheets, the simplest solution for bringing that into Tableau is a union. I’ll take you through how to set up a union, step by step.