Patrick Deans

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Patrick joined the Data School after completing a degree in Politics and Economics at Newcastle University - subjects reflecting his desire to better understand how the world works.

Prior to starting his degree, Patrick spent four years working in the finance department at the multinational infrastructure group Balfour Beatty. This is where he was first exposed to large volumes of data that spanned numerous independent databases. With a keen and intuitive need to understand and standardise the information across these systems, Patrick ensured his role became focused consolidating and analysing data using Excel and VBA macros. He used these to present insights in an easily digestible format for others to consume. It was this role that cemented Patrick’s passion for data.

Patrick’s first exposure to Tableau was during the Data School application process where he was extremely impressed by its ability to achieve what would have taken him hours in excel, in minutes.

Outside of work, Patrick is an avid musician who enjoys writing and producing different genres of music.

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