Pat Lucas

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Pat is a sports geek! He's studied it, worked in it, competes in it, and he loves to analyse the data for it! Having completed his degree in Mathematics and Sport Science at Loughborough University, Pat pursued a career in Finance and Sports Technology. However Pats competitive nature left him needing more! Described as a very mathematical and logical guy he felt he needed a career that would challenge him analytically. Finding the data community on Twitter and downloading the Tableau Public in 2019 was the beginning of the data journey.

Pat loves the storytelling aspect of Tableau and believes there is a huge opportunity to educate through engaging designs. His journey using Tableau has been supported by the Makeover Monday and Sports Viz Sunday initiatives which have been key drivers in honing his skills.

Outside of education and work, playing and watching sport is his passion (shock). Pat is an avid runner, more specifically he competes in the 800m during the summer, but he won’t shy away from the tough conditions of Cross Country throughout the winter.

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