Samuel Shurmer

Samuel Shurmer

Samuel Shurmer

Sam graduated from Economics BSc at Plymouth University in 2015, unsure what to do he eventually found himself studying an MSc in Economics & Business, specialising in Urban, Port, & Transport Economics at Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam. During this time Sam found himself playing with far more complex data, so he went looking for a tool to help him overcome this. After a quick google he found Tableau and hasn’t stopped since. After a while he was looking to sharpen his tools and abilities with Tableau and found the Data School and knew it was the place for him to sharpen his skills and become a better analyst.

Tableau Tip Tuesday: An easy way to keep your formatting

I was recently at the London TUG (Tableau User Group), where I was presented with a tip by Corey Jones, a 2018 iron viz finalist, that can make significant speed and ease when building highly formatted tables. While there are some blogs on this already, it is a tip...

Table Calculations: Moving Averages

Table Calculations are a major part of calculations within Tableau, allowing you to do complex along the row calculations as long as everything is within the view (within a marks card or column/row shelf). It is possible to start these calculations in either 2 ways....

Macros; they aren’t as scary as they sound

Macros; what are they and why should we use them? A macro is a workflow that you can create within Alteryx to then drop into another Alteryx workflow. These also exist in similar veins within other products or even from other items within the PC space, they...