Timea Demeter

Timea Demeter

Timea Demeter

Passionate about learning and teaching, Timea completed a PhD in Market Research and was working as an assistant lecturer when she realised that she was more drawn to data analysis than any other elements of her job. Her love for data led her to pursue a role in Market Intelligence where she noticed that people often struggled to understand the way data was being communicated to them, preventing them from fully acting upon it. In her pursuit to make data easily understandable and more actionable, she discovered Tableau, which was a breath of fresh air after spending days building dashboards in Excel.

It wasn’t long before she realised that the Data School was exactly where she needed to be in order to master her skills in data analysis and to build towards the career she always dreamed of.

When she is not busy building charts and writing formulas she likes to bake, read,  travel the world and sing karaoke.

5 Tableau Tips that will make your life easier

The goal of this blogpost is to share a couple of tips and tricks I wish I had known when going through the DS application process, and that would have definitely saved me a lot of time.

Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

What I learned at The Data School during HIIT workout

This is NOT a blog post about how to do your High Intensity Training (HIIT) routine or what exercises you should do or how to do them correctly, (I would be the worst person to give advice on that) but this is a post about giving up, and why you shouldn’t.