Dashboard Week Day 1 – Rome

#DashboardWeek started not with a bang, but more of a groan as we found out our original brief wasn’t going to work anymore. Hours of working through macros trying to parse out tables into something useful were suddenly deemed pointless in fewer than 140 characters. We received our new brief: make a dashboard on Andy’s food and drink diary from his recent holiday to Rome. Having spent most of the day in Alteryx, I thought I’d stay a bit longer and work out the distances between each of his daily pit stops. You can see my dashboard here, but for this blog I thought I’d walk through my workflow for finding those distances. 

Just The Tips 4 – Slope Charts

Slope charts are essentially line charts, but ones which only show two points. They’re really useful for showing overall trends without letting fluctuations disguise the big picture. To make them you want to take a designated start and end date and then cut out...

Predictive Analytics Schema

I’ve made an Alteryx schema based on model comparison which will hopefully help any of you wanting to exploit the power of predictive analytics. What I’ll show is supposed to be a guide for how you might want to set up your own workflow, and so I’ve tried to make it as broadly applicable as possible.

Diverging Stacked Bars

With this and Tim’s post yesterday, diverging bar charts are apparently very much in vogue at 33 Cannon Street. However I wanted to look at a different type of chart – the diverging stacked bar. 

Just The Tips 3 – Rolling Months

For this week’s project, I’ve been looking at trending data. More specifically, I was tasked with showing the previous 12 months data for some metrics as a comparative guide. In this episode of Just The Tips, I’ll show you how to use calculated fields to show ‘rolling months’.

All In for Graphics

One of the perks of being in the Data School, is that we are spoiled by teachers, both from within TIL and from outside. On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have a session on infographics with Caroline Beavon. I thought I’d share a little of what we learned here…

Just The Tips 1 – Extra Colourful Dimension

Inspired by Gauthier’s and Tom’s blog posts, I’ve created a little series in a similar vein. These posts will be short and with a very narrow field. They will either answer or give advice about very specific problems. First up its how to add two dimensions to your colour shelf.

The Top 5 Things I Learned Today

It’s #Week2 of Data School and despite the lack of R&R found this weekend, I found myself walking into 33 Cannon Street eagerly this morning. Since my last post got a bit out of hand in terms of length, I thought I’d aim for short and sweet today. That means it’s listicle time! Here are my favourite 5 things I learned today: