My webinar experience

by Chris Meardon

As part of my training I delivered a session to the public on Alteryx Macros, which I have reflected on here (link only works for Info Lab staff logged in). To cut a story short, it did not go well and I had could have improved it a long way. I was asked to also deliver this session in a webinar format, which I am going to reflect on here.

What I changed

I had more examples/ exercises. I prepared for these in my own time, but it turned out I actually over-prepared the second time.

I did very little else

What I focused on

Having more content.
This was the biggest issue with the in-person session and was my main focus. Having enough content to fill the session and give a good introduction to the topic was important.

Speaking clearly and concisely.
Webinars are challenging for a number of reasons, one of which is that it can be hard to effectively communicate over this format in comparison to in-person teaching.

Trying to make the topic approachable.
Macros can be a very challenging topic to grasp and I’ve certainly seen the challenges faced by students learning the topic, as it was not long ago that my colleagues and I were introduced to the topic.

What was bad

The audio quality was poor,
listening back to the webinar here, I now see why there were complaints in the chat of the session, the audio levels varied massively. Sometime too loud and sometimes too quiet. I did not realise how bad it was in the session and it is a shame.

I squeezed an example in at the end and I shouldn’t have.
I really wanted to show a simple batch macro but I feel I may have rushed this last exercise. It may have been better to have ended early than to rush through this example.

My zoom chat window appeared in the recording?
This sound not have happened and I do not know why. I should speak to Sophie… I don’t think it caused much of an issue however.

Tiny cursor
I thought I set my mouse to be an enlarged one but it appears to be tiny in the webinar recording. Not sure why this happened. I should google this.

I was perhaps a little bit slow?
But it’s hard to tell. I got little feedback in the session and this is one of the challenges of a webinar. The recording however can be sped up or slowed down so it is not so bad.

I set up my dropdown tool in a silly way and I should have done this in a different way that I have since learnt! However this is a minor thing and I don’t think matters too much.

What was good

I think (aside the audio quality) I spoke clearly and concisely for most of the webinar. I think this helped make the session clearer and easier to follow. I am happy with how my communication went.

It just felt like writing a blog and taking a couple people along with me. It was nowhere near as of a horrible experience as the in-person session was. I’m not entirely sure why there was such a difference. I’m still trying to work that out.

I had enough content and I think it was good content. It’s very hard to measure how good it was but I was happy with it as an introduction to macros.

I had a good time doing it,
maybe because I like the sound of my own voice a little too much. I think I probably came across much more enthusiastic too, which makes it more enjoyable for the audience.

I made mistakes in the webinar, but didn’t let it defeat me and I debugged it with the audience. It was fine in the end. I just moved on and then realised what was wrong later and explained why. There were a couple pauses where I figured it which weren’t ideal though.

I think I didn’t move my cursor around too much which I think helps when delivering a presentation like this. However I think I could have used zooming better.

I would happily do another webinar or create similar format content.

The video

See if you disagree with my comments with the recording below.

To conclude

in-person session < the webinar
New challenges were faced and old challenges were conquered. I’d happily do it again

Fri 27 Mar 2020

Fri 27 Mar 2020

Tue 24 Mar 2020

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