Christopher Marland

Christopher Marland

Christopher Marland

Chris studied history at the University of Edinburgh, along with an Erasmus year at La Complutense in Madrid, specialising in economic and financial history. Having never done any type of data visualisation, Chris never considered a career in data until he met The Data School at a careers fair. Within days, Chris had become a Tableau addict and decided to apply.

What inspires Chris about data analysis and visualisation is the inherent liberalism that lies underneath; his professional mission is not only to provide insights, but to empower people with the tools to create their own.

How to Use Historic Dates in Tableau

As the data community grows and grows the kind of data the community is using and analysing grows as well. Unfortunately, Tableau currently discriminates against us history geeks, and so I’m here to tell you a trick to get around Tableau’s date limits. If you’re a...

My Favourite Tableau and Alteryx Tricks of the Week

Versión español: This week I learnt a lot of basic tips and tricks with Tableau and Alteyrx. Often when you’re learning something by yourself, you miss a lot of the easy...

Prep-Prep: How I Tackled Alteryx

During DS17's first week we've been plunged into the weird and wonderful world of Alteryx. Since the application process is decidedly Tableau-heavy, you can imagine our trepidation at spending an entire week learning the basics of Alteryx. Funnily enough, most of us...