DSX: The Beginning!

by Kirsty Fraser

The first few days at The Data School were spent on introductions, getting to know the team and setting up our equipment, we even got a tour of the fancy new office! Everyone was very welcoming and made me excited for the weeks to come!

 On day two, we tried Alteryx for the first time, starting with a small excel table with simple financial data and learning basic functions. Carl encouraged us to try it by ourselves first and offered subtle hints and tips when we got lost or confused. It was a bit of a learning curve at first but after a while it began to make sense.


We then got into pairs and worked on a complicated data set about board games. I worked with Conrad (Team Teal Backpack), we together overcome our Alteryx inexperience (and significant height difference) to make our own semi-decent tableaus which compared game rankings with their price.



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