#DS2TipWeek - Publishing to Tableau Server using Command Prompt

by Lorna Brown

This quick tip will show you how to publish different files to your Tableau Server

First if you haven’t changed your directory then follow this blog post from Benedetta. Makes life a little easier when using the Command Prompt.


Now lets say we want to publish a tableau packaged workbook to the tableau server

First we need to start the server. Insert tabadmin start then enter



Next we want to publish a tableau workbook. We need to find the location of the file we want to upload. Then we type in tabcmd publish. This function allows you to publish tableau workbooks, packaged workbooks, tde’s and tds’s. So after tabcmd publish, we need to add the location of the file in “speech marks”. I have decided to upload it to a different site to the default which is why I have -t after the file location. This is then followed by the site name. N.B the site name is case sensitive. Also the reason why I have the –no-certcheck at the end is because we had a task to set our website to https, the way we did this was an uncertified way which is why we need the no-certcheck. Once you have put this in then press enter.



The next step will ask you to put in your password for the server. Be careful here because the password doesn’t show up which at first makes you think your not typing anything when you actually are. I have no screenshot of this because I was already signed into Tableau Server.


This is what your final output should look like


Then check your server site to check the file has been uploaded.



This same process can be used for TDE’s and TDS’s. Just make sure the after the file name it says .tde or .tds or .twb or .twbx


Thanks for reading