Take Two: Gymnastics medal winners: Who won what, where, when and how?

by Lorna Brown

As my first project I was told to remake my original interview viz. I really enjoyed creating my original viz as this is something I am really interested in. The aim with the original, was to be able to filter by competition, gender, apparatus & medal colour to find medal winners, what country and the score achieved.

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I have learnt a lot since starting on Tuesday. Looking back at this, I feel my viz looks all over the place, no clear direction or consistency. A few things were pointed out from Andy, for example removing the borders around the filters, the text at the top was far too much needs to be shorter and change the map.

Whilst looking at the viz, I realised there was no actual story or aim.

Now the remake.

remake gymnastics

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I have now maintained consistency of fonts, font sizes and colours. I used the pick a colour option to match the colour of the medals. I thought the map is easier to read as a bubble map, as it allows the smaller countries to be visable. I also coloured and sized the bubbles according to the total number of medals won by that country. Which allows the reader to follow the story. I was told the medal table was too hard to read so I changed it to a bar chart. I made sure gold silver and bronze were always in the same order.

I have moved score to top right because I think this is more important from a coach’s perspective as they want to see the score.

Feel free to play around with the viz and see what results you get.


I hope you enjoy my viz, any feedback is welcomed.