What time is it? Its Dashboard Time Number 1

by Lorna Brown

This week is #DashboardWeek here at the Data School.

The aim of the week is to produce a Dashboard a day, if it wasn’t difficult enough to do data prep and then build a viz, Andy decided that we could only start the days project after Lunch. This automatically raises stress levels.


The first topic was based on American Injuries, the article originally just ‘Wall Punchers’ in the US. When we first saw the data we all thought cool, this could be an interesting data set. However, when looking into the full data set, the mood of the school suddenly changed. The data set included every possible injury for all age ranges. The unimaginable was now imaginable.

I decided to focus on the data as a whole rather  than individual breakdowns.

I wanted to show year comparison in number of patients, also do month comparison to show seasonality, and then also break it down by weekday (obviously Saturday and Sunday records are higher).

I then also wanted to focus on the top 5 locations where injuries occur, the top 10 diagnosis and the top 10 commonly injured body parts. I wanted to breakdown all charts by Gender, but also wanted to give them the option to choose which gender they wanted to select. I also gave users the option to filter by ethnicity and an age group. A filter was also placed on the top 5 locations to change the other charts.

Below is the final outcome of the first dashboard. Click on the picture to interact.