What time is it? Its Dashboard Time Number 3

by Lorna Brown

This week is #DashboardWeek here at the Data School.

The aim of the week is to produce a Dashboard a day, if it wasn’t difficult enough to do data prep and then build a viz, Andy decided that we could only start the days project after Lunch. This automatically raises stress levels.


The Third Topic of the week was to look at Andy’s run keeper tracking data. This was an interesting task. I used alteryx to convert the duration times into seconds as Tableau wouldn’t recognise the format. This took a few steps to complete, but worth the alteryx experience. The data went back to 2012. I decided to focus purely on his most recent training plan starting on the 7th Decemeber 2015. He gave me his target race pace.

From this I wanted to track each of his runs, see how far he ran, how long he ran and his race pace. I also added the elevation of each point of the map, which allows Andy to track the different elevations during his runs.

The first graph is his pace per run with a constant line to show when he is above or below his target pace. Clicking on the date points then changes all the parameters above the graph to  do with the run, it filters the map to show the run and also filters the elevation of the run.

The colours are based off Andy’s blog colours.

Below is the final Dashboard. Click the image to interact.

Andy Run