What time is it? Its Dashboard Time Number 4

by Lorna Brown

This week is #DashboardWeek here at the Data School.

The aim of the week is to produce a Dashboard a day, if it wasn’t difficult enough to do data prep and then build a viz, Andy decided that we could only start the days project after Lunch. This automatically raises stress levels.

The Fourth Dashboard of the week.  I wanted to use my own data set for this session so I mithered Andy to let me do it.

I have a real passion for Rugby League. I had already collected data for the 2015 season as the 2016 season is yet to start. I wanted to explore the data in a way to make it understandable and to gain a  bigger insight into what was collected.

From the data set I had a number of variables I wanted to compare the teams against each other. I then also wanted to look at the player statistics and per team etc.

I really enjoyed making this viz because I found out some interesting things about my own team (Warrington Wolves).


Have a play and let me know what you think. Here is the final dashboard. Click the image to interact.

Rugby League