With my first entry in this blog I’d like to share my experience of my first day at The Data School and my expectations for the next four months. We started off with an introduction to the history of The Information Lab and The Data School by Tom Brown. This was followed by setting up our laptops with the help of Craig Bloodworth. I expected Andy to make us give a presentation in the afternoon, but we went to a Tableau event instead and learned about upcoming Tableau features and Tableau/Tesco Tim’s favourite grocery store.

I realised that there is a lot of variety in my cohort’s background ranging from psychology, marketing to chemistry. Even though there is a lot of diversity, they all share one thing – a passion for data visualisation. All of them are very welcoming and I have the feeling that everyone is approachable and open if you ask for help. This culture is supported by the use of Convo which encourages sharing information with everyone and seems to be a 24/7 hotline for questions.

Based on the experience of previous cohorts and after reading several blog entries my expectations for the coming months are:

  • A steep learning curve
  • Constant time pressure, so I won’t be able to spend an hour deciding on a colour palette for each viz
  • Many, many presentations
  • Improving my blogging skills which is going to be interesting considering that I always struggled to meet the minimum word count at uni
  • A supportive environment to answer all my questions