With our second week finished, we have learnt so much already – both in Alteryx and Tableau. This week, we focused on Tableau 101.

We started off with the basics, learning about different data types and extracts on Tableau. A great thing to get to grips with is the difference between the blue and green pills. Tom Brown talks about this intensively in this blog post. I would highly recommend it!

We then moved on to talk about filtering, dual and shared axis, reference lines, joins and dates. Caroline Beavon lead a session on infographics and the importance of the layout of information. We also learnt how to conservatively use colour to ensure that they were only used when necessary and to avoid a chaotic rainbow chart.

Andy continued to teach us about LOD calculations, specifically the ‘FIXED’ one. One way you can tell it is an LOD expression is through the famous ‘moustachios’ ie. {} –  they look like moustaches, right?

On Friday, we were given a project to create a visualisation using a dataset from TFL about the use of bikes. The project was successful in the end, although I definitely had some additional ideas on Monday when I went over it again. Despite the stress, it was a good learning moment for us to create an interesting story/visualisation in a short period of time. It gave us a taste of what situations we might run into as consultants!

You can find the outcome of my project and the most recent Makeover Monday viz here.