Top Tips for Data School Starters

by Michael Mensah

On 6th September 2021 I began my training as a Data Consulting Analyst with The Data School as a part of the DS26 cohort.

While it has been an intense first week I was introduced to some of the more experienced members of the team who passed down some key tips on how to make the most of my time here...

Use Convo

Convo – the hub of the Data School. From the very first day we were told about the benefits of being an active Convo user. Allowing you to connect to the rest of TIL, you can post or search for any technical questions along with general questions that you may have.

Posting your questions will be a big help to others who may also have the same queries as you in the future.  Convo also allows you to be up to date on any events and announcements as well as letting you become a part of any groups that you have shared interests with.

Building your brand

Building up your Tableau Public Profile is key to growing your portfolio when it comes to getting placements or clients. Completing Alteryx Weekly Challenges also allow you to practice any new skills learned during your training and posting your solutions will make you more visible to the Alteryx Community.

In addition to this, posting blogs on important topics and useful bits of information keep a log of your progress throughout the Data School for others as well as yourself.


Take a break. Close your laptop screen, give your eyes a rest and go get some fresh air! Leave your desk and reconnect with your hobbies and interests - whatever activities you enjoy. There's no need for you to become an Alteryx android.


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