My Goals and Expectations of The Data School

by Natalia Miteva

Realising I have plateaued in my comfort zone at my previous job, I knew it was time to step out. My main goals for the next step in my career were to:

1) Learn
2) Grow (in both professional and personal sense)
3) Enjoy

One day, while scrolling through my Instagram page, I was very lucky to stumble across an ad for The Data School (I am so glad I didn’t ignore it!). I clicked and discovered their programme: four months of focused training provided by renowned coaches with tonnes of experience, opportunities to obtain qualifications in leading software systems, variety of work experience in top companies … and a great salary. Result:

1) Check
2) Check

But what about 3) I asked myself?

I decided to come to a Meet & Greet event at the Information Lab and talk to the current cohorts. Result:

Everybody was super friendly and helpful! I have never seen this much enthusiasm and passion for data and analysis. At this point, I was sure that The Data School had the full package I was looking for.

Now that I am in my second week, I can already say that I am learning and enjoying every day. It is too early to measure growth at this stage, but I am very excited about the future and sure it will come!

If you have any questions about this blog post, or would like to chat in general, do not hesitate to get in touch on Twitter @nataliatamiteva.


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