Likes, Favourites & Mini Data

by Ravi Mistry

This week, we will be creating a dashboard a day, and to kick off the week we have all contributed to Andy’s Dear Data Two project, and sent things across to Mr Jeffrey Shaffer Using small data, we created as many views as we could. My results are below, in the messiest dashboard ever (Best practice – NEVER create something like this!)

mega viz

Out of all of these, I decided to create this dashboard for Jeffrey, which showed the total number of things that Andy had favourited and liked on Twitter and Facebook respectively across the week, using a dual axis bar and a total number of ‘things liked’

Dear Data Two - Week 20

We spent all morning on this – From 9:30 until about half past 1 (which is when I finished), which makes Andy’s and Jeffrey’s efforts look even more admirable (as well as that of Dear Data [the original] created by Georgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec). The intricacy and thought that goes into creating the cards, is awesome. I really enjoyed making them – Even when I fouled my first one up, meaning I had to start over.

Here are is the finished postcard.

Ravi Back

Ravi Front (1)