Passing the Alteryx Core Certification – Prep and Tips

Last week, I sat the Alteryx Designer Core Certification and finally passed after many attempts. I received a lot of messages from others on how they should prepare and how to start their Alteryx learning journey. This blog post should answer just that and guide you through some things I learned to do and not to do along the way whilst providing many links to resources that helped me.

How to create dynamic tooltips in Tableau!

Tooltips are a brilliant way in Tableau to offer extra insight into what your visualization is showing. Having a dynamic tooltip allows users the same flexibility in tooltips that they’d see elsewhere on their dashboards.

How to document in Tableau: Three top tips

In this post I’ll describe three documentation tips I wish I would have known earlier when using Tableau. They are; Leaving comments in calculated fieldsLeaving comments on dimensions or measuresAdding a caption pane at the bottom of the page During the Data School...

Top Tips for Virtual Training

I started training with The Data School in February 2020 as part of DS19. After 6 weeks of training we unfortunately had to start working from home due to Covid-19. We have now just finished our 14th week of training (8th week of being at home) and so we have been...

Quick, Easy Tips to Speed up Your Alteryx Workflow

In our penultimate week of training at the Data School, DS18 and I had a great session with Dan Farmer regarding how to test Alteryx workflow, check their performance and how to troubleshoot both our workflows and macros. The section on speeding up workflows and...