Tableau Tips

I’ve put together a few tips for using Tableau. Most are quick little ones that I use frequently. Enjoy

5 Tableau Tips that will make your life easier

The goal of this blogpost is to share a couple of tips and tricks I wish I had known when going through the DS application process, and that would have definitely saved me a lot of time.

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Dynamic tooltips in Tableau: tips and tricks

In this post I discuss how to tackle frequent issues that come up when creating dynamic tooltips: how to concatenate different data types, mix aggregate and non-aggregate fields in IF statements, and use level of detail expressions. Last Friday we joined DS16 for...

Top 5 Tips to Succeeding in your First Client Project

Research company Before meeting the client on Monday morning, do a little research into the company over the weekend. Try to have a basic understanding of what the company does, where their offices are, who the key people are, and whether they have been in the news...