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Tableau Zen Masters & Alteryx Aces ready to teach

Andy Kriebel

Andy, a member of the Tableau Zen Master Hall of Fame, started using Tableau in 2007 when he was desperate for help to quickly create dashboards using SSAS cubes. Since then, it’s been Andy’s personal mission to help as many people as possible “see and understand” their data with Tableau, which is the focus of his role as Head Coach at The Information Lab’s Data School. Data is knowledge, but Andy believes that seeing data is insight.

In August 2009 he launched vizwiz.com, which provides examples of data visualization best practices, methods for improving existing work, and tips and tricks with Tableau Software. He writes two weekly series: Makeover Monday and Tableau Tip Tuesday. Andy also founded the weekly Tableau Community project Workout Wednesday. He also writes on datavizdoneright.com along with Coach Carl, a site created to highlight data visualisation best practices.

Carl Allchin

After a one day Tableau training course from The Information Lab several years ago, Carl became a Tableau addict and decided to make it his full time job. Carl joined The Information Lab in September 2014.

Carl’s experience focuses on Operational Improvement, Customer Experience measurement and Propositional development.

In his own time, Carl runs the blog Data Jedi Ninja that focuses on Tableau tips, tricks and visualisation experimentation. This allows him to visualise sporting data, especially basketball, and have a global discussion about what he finds along the way.

Carl is a Tableau Desktop Certified Trainer, Tableau Server Qualified Associate, and an Alteryx Certified Trainer.

Benedetta Tagliaferri

Benedetta’s journey starts with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration in Florence part of which she did in London as an Erasmus student. Then she studied Finance and Markets in Bologna.

In January 2015 she moved to London to develop her tech skills and she got enthusiastic about data. She is part of the second intake of the Data School UK, learning to use Tableau, Alteryx, SQL & project management skills.

She has been a Tableau & Alteryx consultant for more than 4 years, helping organisations with their data every day. Now she is responsible for the Support and Development of the Data School, designing and implementing strategies for mentorship, mental health and development of the consultants.

She loves to find opportunities with charities and to connect them with volunteers that want to use tech skills for initiatives that have a social impact for the world. She is part of the Tableau Foundation Service Corps.

Outside of work, she loves cinema, yoga and travelling.

Bethany Fox

Bethany has always had an interest in data analytics, which was intensified whilst studying for her MSc in Applicable Mathematics. During her time at university, she began to understand the need for being able to make the complicated, uncomplicated. After playing around with Tableau for data visualisation, she was impressed with how intuitive and creative it was. She soon realised that joining The Data School was the only option for her!

In her spare time, she loves dancing, playing the piano, and exploring London with her family and friends

Jonathan MacDonald

Jonathan MacDonald, affectionately known as ‘JMac’ by his colleagues and the wider Tableau community, is a consultant at The Information Lab and is responsible for helping customers architect, deploy and maintain their Tableau Server environments as well as managing The Information Lab’s AWS cloud solutions business. He’s also an accredited Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server trainer, and holds the Certified Professional qualification in both products.

He’s been with The Information Lab since 2014 when he started out as a Tableau Desktop consultant, having worked as a BI contractor prior to that.

Jonathan teaches Tableau Server and IT fundamentals to all of The Data School cohorts.