A Little Label Trick

by Adam Ratcliffe

Just a quick trick today. I discovered this quite early on in my Tableau journey and it made me feel like a wiz, despite being only a small formatting change.

When you have a distinct field on the columns shelf Tableau displays these values across the bottom of the view in the conventional x-axis position.

In this example distinct months are on the bottom by default

But if you wanted to have them across the top for some design reason, perhaps to draw more attention to them then follow these steps:

Go to Analysis > Table Layout > Advanced as shown:

Which opens this window:

Uncheck the highlighted box and the labels will appear at the top of the view like so:

As the name of the check box suggests this works on charts with a vertical axis and is particularly useful for categorical data.

I like this trick as it imbues the user with more control over how their charts look and that's always a good thing - though it is a bit tucked away so I thought I'd share for anyone who might make use of it.


Adam Ratcliffe

Fri 04 Jun 2021

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