Day 4: Student registers for the universities...

by Agnieszka Atlasik

…in California ranging from the late 19th century to 1946!

Today we got a very ‘old school’ dataset as well as a very ‘old school’ Tableau. In fact we got challenged to use an older version that doesn’t have many of the capabilities we take for granted in newer versions.
Hello Tableau 8.3.4!

No Fixed function for LOD calcs

On my first approach, the gender split of universities and degrees seemed like a lead for an interesting visualization.

As most of us didn’t have much time today, I chose a fun topic and looked at the names instead. How did popular names change over time and were some names more likely at various universities.

To see the difference of first names and last names I added a variable parameter to the dashboard. The highlight functionality is also only in more recent versions of Tableau, so the second parameter was one to apply an ‘in or out’ split. This helped to highlight the trend of a name that is of interest to the audience.

The Boolean has a true or false result which is used to colour one measure true (name selected) and all others false.

Highlighting with colour

Result for day 4:

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