BACK to basics

by Aj Basnet

I will be the first to admit when I was first using Tableau, I just wanted to learn enough to produce a ‘good enough’ data visualization to get me a position in the DS. Through some blogs and watching Youtube tutorial, I was able to learn few of the Tableau’s tricks but nonetheless did not understand how it all worked. In our initiation week, Andy made sure we all learned not just some of the most rudimental Tableau tools but more importantly explained how each of those mechanics worked and how it can be applied in different situations.

This week was my first week as a professional adult and it was a cocktail mixture of challenges, anxiety, excitement, and fun. Each day was a learning experience and I tried my best to embrace each of those moments in order to expand my data analysis and visualization skills. Some of the highlights of the week includes an Introduction to Tableau talk by the Tableau’s EMEA Vice President – one would struggle hard to find a better person to introduce Tableau to a group of relative “amateurs”; spending the day with Caroline Beavon, who helped us understand best practice when making infographics and a makeover project – where we had to redo our old visualisation with our new Tableau skills we acquired over the week. Over the week, Andy’s little task and challenges have really helped me to develop my understanding of the software.

Lastly, I have always thrived in an environment of passionate and talented people. Not only this inspires me to work harder but I know I can also selflessly feed off this incredible energy. Without any biased, DS6 group seems to have an endless pool of this and I have been lucky enough to be a part of this group. Due to the various background of the DS6 cohorts (as explained in the recent Andy’s blog), I am looking forward to learning something from everyone over the 4 months as well as the next 2 years.

I will see you in the next episode of my journey in the DS.

Tue 03 Oct 2017

Mon 14 Aug 2017

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