by Aj Basnet

When I first learned about The Information Lab and The Data School (DS), admittedly I had not even heard about Tableau. I only knew that I wanted to learn more about data analytics and visualisations. Throughout the process of my application in DS, I not only managed to learn how to do basic data analysis, I accidentally managed to fall in love with the software.

I was over the moon when I managed to get a place in the DS, however it was only during the London Tableau Conference when I really acknowledged importance of the next 4 months and the subsequent 3 placements for me. Every time I would introduce myself as the new member of the DS to the various people I met in the conference, they would tell me how amazing this opportunity and advise me to take full advantage of it.

Subsequently, to ensure I make the most of this incredible experience, I have decided to make a list of expectation of my time in the DS:

  • Learn how to use Tableau as a data analytical tool instead for just dashboard and data visualisations.
  • Fully embrace the Tableau community and try to give something back to it
  • Learn to become a better presenter and speak
  • Continue to strive to learn more every single day one dashboard at a time
  • Always ask questions when I am stuck and try my best to help my colleagues
  • Understanding when and how to use best design practice
  • Improve my blogging skills

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