Fun and games in Alteryx

by Alex Fridriksson

While solving challenges with Alteryx can be a lot of fun in and of itself, did you know Alteryx has actual mini-games and a fun prank you can play on a friend?


Some fun


Do you think you know the Alteryx tools like the back of your hand? Do you know someone who thinks that?

A fun way to test that is to try out the old Alteryx tool icons as seen in the picture below.

Old Alteryx tool icons

Do you know which tool is which?


Here is how you turn on the old icon style:

Go to the about menu

Click the flag

Then click the flag


One thing to be aware of is that you cannot switch back! (until you restart Alteryx).

If you’re the kind of person that likes playing pranks on people, then this would be a good way to make someone freak out. If the person does not know about this it will be funny seeing the reaction and frantic efforts trying to reverse this… use with caution 😉




Yes, Alteryx has actual games for you to play!

If you’re feeling particularly stuck on a problem or just waiting for a workflow to finish you can use these to pass some time.

Here is how you access the Alteryx games:

Click the A

Go back to the about menu and double-click the a


You will then get one of  these two games:

Alteryx games 1

Space Invaders

Alteryx games 2

Or Ping Pong

Have fun!

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