Dashboard Week - Day 5

by Alex Harrison-Wood

They think it’s all over… and it is now!

Phew, dashboard week is over, time to get some proper sleep for the first time since last weekend!

Today we only had a couple of hours to make our viz so Andy showed some compassion and gave us already prepared data to load into a viz. When we started to play, I was a little disappointed to see that there were only a couple of dimensions so not much opportunity for diversity in the final output across the group.

The data plotted the public washrooms in Vancouver, including their latitude and longitude, their street address, opening hours (summer hours and winter hours separately), and whether or not they had disabled access.

I had the idea of creating an app style of viz, where the user could quickly look and see where their nearest loo was at the press of a mobile button. To this extent we (Nils had a similar idea) started to investigate using a google web scrap to get latitude and longitude data of the user, and then plot where the nearest loo was. However, Andy being all wise and knowing, told us to stop being so stupid and focus our short amount of time on the actual dashboard, plus, little to our knowledge, when a map is viewed on tableau public, the user has the option to centre the map on their location already. So that was the end of that.


The resulting viz was made from a funky mapbox map and showed the locations of loos (colour coded by diabled access) and when a location was clicked on, a summary page showed its specific address and opening hours (which, with the help of a nifty “Today” calculated field, changed between seasons depending on when you view it).


It may not have been the most technically tricky test, but on the whole, dashboard week put us all under some pressure, and taught us to prioritise and plan when on a very short time frame!



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