What a start!

by Alex Harrison-Wood


Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!

So today was DS9’s first real training day and the focus of our education for today was the all-powerful Alteryx. After a gruelling 8 hours of mind melting data formatting, resulting in our collective understanding barely scratching the surface of what this program can do (it would probably be quicker to list the things it can’t do) heck, I can even order my big mac and fries with it if programmed correctly! I honestly do not know how I ever got through life without it until now.

I will not lie, there were a fair few moments that had me stumped, I even made a few schoolboy errors, but then I am technically a schoolboy again. At least I had the continuous support of my fellow DS9ers, who were only too happy to nudge me in the right direction without making me feel too daft. Nils even had the decency to let it seem as though I helped during the group task!


Now at this point I must of course pay homage to Chris Love, our great and world famous Alteryx Ace – if you didn’t already know about his lofty accreditation, the “Alteryx ACE” polo shirt he donned to remind us certainly did the trick. He has been a great teacher and hopefully he will grace us with his wisdom again soon, even if only to point out some more unfortunate logo designs.


Alex Harrison-Wood

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