Moving the Data Window around without reshaping filters

by Alex Muntus

This is my super quick tip to for reshaping the viz without altering the size of the filter. If we look at the simple viz below:

firday pick 1

If I wanted to narrow the above viz for whatever reason maybe say for resolution considerations, normally I would go to the right edge of the bar chart and click and drag it to the left. The downside is the vertical sub-category list on the left acting as a filter in this example would stretch to the left so that there is no gap between the bar chart and filter.

By holding down Ctl and using the arrow keys – in this case left – I can move the chart but the filter does not move. I can hold Ctl right and move it back and also go up and down as shown below.

friday pick 2So there you go a super quick and easy tip for moving around the chart without affecting the filter or any legends. Thanks to Hash for showing me this.

Thu 17 Sep 2015

Fri 28 Aug 2015

Thu 27 Aug 2015

Wed 26 Aug 2015