Are you a champion, a newbie or simply an Olympic fanatic? Today my fruitful dashboard goes out to you! I was inspired by achievements of Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze from 1972 to 2014. My aim is to encourage future winnings, check at my dashboard on the Tableau Public. I will cover the highlights here:

Competition in the Olympic games always gets tougher as more world records are broken and human boundaries are pushed even further.  The number of awarded medals is on the rise however, victory is still possible – it remains behind the finish line.

Since sports heavily depend on the environment conditions which differ from country to country, I included a map in which you can select former Olympic hosts and see the distribution of winners worldwide.

Because one should always aim for the best, I have added a summary of top winning nations in the form of a stacked bar graph and a corresponding trend lines.

Wish you the best of luck in Rio!


Medals Bonanza