No guns allowed

by Alexandra Hanna

Awareness worldwide of recurring gun violence in the USA grows. For this reason my visualization goes out to those affected, those who lost loved ones and those empowered to strengthen gun regulation. The message is simple: no human target.

You can find my dashboard on Tableau Public: Make Over of Huffington Post Gun Deaths #DashboardWeek

The dataset came from Huffington Post which had already published a very effective visualization. Appreciating its humane aspect, my objective was to take this further. The first page of my dashboard exposes the total numbers of deaths from December 2012 to March 2013 shown by state and city. Highest death toll is mapped in a dark shade of red and a enlarged heart size. Bars grow as gravestone numbers increase. In red are the names in remembrance of the victims, clicking on them redirects you to websites with more information. The second page is an interactive graphical representation of the trend over time (line graph and waterfall chart).

Has this dashboard persuaded to take action against the growing number of gun deaths? If you agree with the notion no guns allowed, please tweet about it!

A special thanks to icon authors of Noun Project.

Make Over of Huffington Post Gun Deaths
Make Over of Huffington Post Gun Deaths 2


Alexandra Hanna

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